TILO rental

As the smallest thermal imaging goggles in the world, equipped with one of the most powerful microbolometers on the market, TILO™ has a reasonable price. Such an investment therefore needs to be considered. Perhaps you do not need such a device constantly, but only at certain times.

That's why we offer a cheap rental service for the two most popular TILO™ models. So you need to pay only for the time in which you really need the TILO™.

If you decide to purchase the device within 4 weeks of returning it, up to one month of the rental fee will be deducted from the purchase price. When buying the TILO™ you can also use our 0% financing.


   €/Week (incl. VAT)  €/Month (incl. VAT)
 TILO-3Z+™ 150,- 400,-
 TILO-6Z+™ 180,- 550,-


Shipping costs not included. If possible, please notify us of your requirements in good time so that one of the rental devices is also available. If you require a model that is not listed in the table, please contact us directly. Separate prices apply for official users who call up larger quantities, e.g. within the framework of special events.

ATTENTION!!! Currently the lead time for rental TILO-6Z+ is approx. 3 months. Please consider this in your reservation.

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New TILO-3Z+™

Product no.: 380104

4,872.00 *
Product data sheet
In stock
can be shipped within 10 days

New TILO-6Z+™

Product no.: 380107

8,090.76 *
Product data sheet
In stock
can be shipped within 14 days

New TILO Battery Extension

Product no.: 382014

58.49 *
In stock
can be shipped within 2-3 days


Product no.: 380217

174.00 *
In stock

External power supply

Product no.: 380206

126.72 *
In stock

TILO-Video and power cable

Product no.: 380216

80.91 *
In stock


Product no.: 380215

80.91 *
In stock

TILO-Headband incl. Adapter

Product no.: 380202

76.03 *
Product data sheet
In stock
can be shipped within 10 days


Product no.: 380209

28.27 *
In stock
can be shipped within 10 days

Tripod Adapter

Product no.: 382013

56.54 *
Still in stock
can be shipped within 3 days

New Recheargable Battery 16650

Product no.: 382015

29.24 *
In stock

Battery Charger 16650

Product no.: 382016

29.24 *
In stock

TILO afocal lens 3×

Product no.: 382017

2,436.00 *
Not in stock
    (preorder avail.)


Product no.: 240061

38.02 *
Product data sheet
In stock
can be shipped within 10 days

Shutter Eyecup

Product no.: 240070

139.39 *
Product data sheet
Price incl. VAT, plus delivery
free shipping from 100 €