About Us

History of Andres Industries AG

Like many other companies, Andres Industries AG was founded rather by chance and has successfully established itself over the years despite economic ups and downs. What was originally conceived as a private solution quickly became an innovative business idea. Founder and current CEO Björn Andres, a medical doctor, was looking for a protective case for his Psion Organizer during his studies. The lack of appropriate solutions prompted him to develop his own, which was also well received by other users.

The first distribution of these enclosures took place in 1999, while still a student.

Already in 2003, due to the growing success and the steady increase in turnover, the company moved into its first headquarters in Berlin Mitte, and hired its first employee.

As the demand for protective housings increased, so did the demand for accessories. Andres Industries was the first manufacturer of a waterproof case for the Apple iPad and is still a leader in quality and functionality today.

Many military and industrial users are increasingly equipping themselves with commercially available electronics, which we make suitable for outdoor use thanks to an additional housing.

In this sense we offer our customers individual complete solutions by offering universal fastening systems. No other enclosure system offers such extensive expansion capabilities.

After the expansion of the product range, an important event took place in 2006: the transformation into a stock corporation.

Andres Industries AG is now best known for its two flagship products in the field of thermal imaging technology, in addition to its famous shell housings (i.e. the aiShell™ and GoShell™ waterproof system solutions): With the TILO™, the company created a completely new product group, that of "thermal helmet lamps". Here, the features of thermal imaging goggles are effectively combined with those of a headlamp. Then, in 2020, the TigIR™ was introduced as the lightest and shortest clip-on thermal device with a range of 3000m.

In all business areas of Andres Industries, rapid progress on the market has not only been achieved through technical leadership or high quality. Particularly important here is the focus on the customer and his needs. As a result, we are in a position to create fast, inexpensive solutions that exactly meet customer requirements through the targeted adaptation of our series products. A large part of the company's funds is invested in new and further development of the products.


Market position and further development

We are already represented in various economic sectors. These include agriculture, forestry, rescue services, utilities, logistics and tourism. Of course we are always interested in expanding these fields of activity and we are confident that we will succeed in the near future. The basis of this confidence are the constant new developments and the increasing international expansion.

With an eye to modularity and adaptability, we always offer our customers a variety of options. From a certain initial quantity we also develop individual new designs. This strategy results in a win-to-win situation: Our customers receive a low-cost product exactly according to their wishes and give us a high level of trust in return. At the same time, we receive an early and precise market assessment.