TILO™ – smallest thermal goggles in the world

TILO™ – smallest thermal goggles in the world

With the TILO™ series we are the manufacturer of the smallest and lightest thermal imaging goggles in the world. Compared to other devices, the TILO™ is at most half as long and only half as heavy as the smallest products of any of our competitors. Until now, the TILO-3's™ small size was combined with a sensor resolution of 320×256 pixels.


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With the new TILO-6™ series we now increase the performance to a sensor resolution of 640×512 pixels. We are responding to customer demands for an even greater range, which has now been extended to 1000m (detect). Despite these extended possibilities, the user does not have to miss out on the headlamp function available on all TILO™ models.


In any case, TILO is still the smallest thermal imaging goggle in the world today and is equipped with countless outstanding features. But in what ways do the devices differ from each other? Or to put it another way: Which TILO is right for you?

There are currently three product lines that differ considerably in terms of their area of application.

Large field of view, optimizing close range, low price – well suited for stalking and searching.


Small field of view, high range, low price – possibility to increase the already high range considerably with a afocal lens 3×. Well suited for response and reconnaissance.

TILO-6™ (all models)
Large field of view and long range, high price. Here, too, a afocal lens 3× can triple the range. Suitable for all applications.

 Property   TILO-3Z+™   TILO-3Z+2×™
 Large FOV + - +
 Large range - + +
 Auto callibration + + -
 Expandable with afocal lens 3× - + +
 Runtime + + O
 Lowest weight + O O
 Price in € 4998,- 5300,-



Film: Comparison of the TILO models
In order to be able to compare all TILOs™ professionally, we have built a special construct on which all TILOs™ are next to each other.
The supplied picture was recorded, so that now a comparison video was created. Which TILO™ do you need for your purposes? Find out!
The image of TILO-3Z+™ corresponds to TILO-3M™ and that of TILO-6Z+™ to TILO-6M™.
(to ensure an objective quality the film must be loaded from our FTP server with approx. 300Mb)

Vergleichsaufbau-1_web     Vorschaubild_Zoomvergleich_501


Since the ordered product is an export-limited military product, we require, after your order, an end user statement, which you recieve via mail and a copy of your identity card in advance.


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