Today, various suppliers of cash systems already rely on the Apple iPad as an economical and comprehensive alternative to conventional restaurant systems. Our smallest model, the aiShell™ mini+, is extremely popular among waiters in particular. It can be carried conveniently, and hand straps and shoulder straps offer protection against loss and make it easy to handle. And with the right software, it is possible to display menu selections to guests in advance. Bills can be displayed split or in advance, too.

At the end of a shift, multiple iPads in their aiShell cases can be charged again simultaneously in the practical aiRack. To protect them against theft, they can even be locked up in a small rack.

But the aiShell is also unbeatable as a stationary cash system. Here, the larger aiShell variants such as the aiShell™ Air and aiShell™ Pro, in particular, are put to use. They can be equipped with screws. Moreover, with lockable RAM Mount solutions, they can be made theft-proof.

The car cradle provides a semi-stationary solution, and can be used by delivery drivers. As such, the iPad can also serve as a navigation aid. Afterwards, the device is simply returned for use in the restaurant.

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