Industry and logistics

Industry_cIn production, maintenance, testing and logistics the mechanical robustness and the water tightness are not the only outstanding features of the aiShell™. Depending on the application, the protection of the iPad against dusts, lubricants, chemicals etc. can result in an additional distinct advantage.

The Touchscreen, the Home Button and the on / off switch can still be used e.g. for daily routines (such as retrieving information, setting process and control parameters, processing checklists, recording data, creating test reports and performing calculations) despite the comprehensive protection.






Stationary use

aiShell_Car_CradleWith the sprue nuts the aiShell™ can be firmly attached to technical equipment or machinery. In case the aiShell has to be frequently removed for mobile use, it is highly recommended to plug it into an aiShell™ Car-Cradle instead.

Depending on the cable connector selected, it is either possible to charge the iPad only or to also exchange data using the USB interface.

Despite the protection, the iPad can be used to set up and to control process parameters as well as to call up production plans and specifications. It is also possible to record production data (e.g. lot sizes, scrap quantities and error messages). If operators touch the aiShell with dirty hands it can be cleaned easily.



Mobile use

The aiShell™ can be held securely with one hand, while the iPad is operated freely with the other.

The built-in camera is still available for the documentation of complex issues (e.g. when reporting breakdowns, auditing and recording failures). It can also be very useful for stock taking using bar or QR code.

If you grab the aiShell™ at the edge, you can easily carry it with one hand without touching the screen. Doing so, the iPad can be carried around without fatigue all day (for example when you thoroughly inspect complete production lines or perform stock taking in large warehouses). The use of a hand strap makes this even more comfortable and safe.

After the work is done, the aiShell™ can simply be plugged into the 
aiRack with other devices (preferably in a central location). Then the iPad is quickly recharged and ready for new tasks.