Rescue Services

Rescue Services

In the rescue sector, the waterproof aiShell™ with its many expansion options has already been a great success. For example, the command vehicles of the capital's fire brigade have recently been comprehensively equipped with an aiShell™ together with a car cradle.

But also for rescue services (RTW) the aiShell™ in combination with the Apple iPad is a reliable and cost-effective solution. We work together with successful partners in software development. One example is Pulsation, whose software for the purely digital processing of emergency protocols (DIVI) is a pioneer of a new age of paperless rescue services.

Rescue users usually use the aiShell™ Air with a 9.7" iPad in combination with a Car-Cradle. The latter is permanently installed in the rescue vehicle and connected to the vehicle's electrical system. The increasing use of leasing vehicles sometimes makes it necessary to dispense with drilling holes. This is no problem for us either. After all, with the No-Drill vehicle mountings we have a wide variety of solutions available for this. Alternatively, a quickly removable solution with suction feet is also possible.


The aiShell can then be removed from the Car-Cradle in a matter of seconds and taken to the emergency location. And it can be placed back just as fast. When in place, it can also be used as a reliable navigation aid while driving. In the Car-Cradle the secure fastener holds the aiShell and iPad in place even at fast acceleration.

Just as popular is the option of securing the aiShell™ with screws to protect against unauthorized opening, thus preventing misuse.

Since our aiShell™ case is also used on hospital premises, it can be cleaned with common disinfectants using both wiping as well as dipping methods.



Logo prints & custom colors:
Specifically for fire departments, the aiShell™ series is available in a strong red color.

Starting at medium unit quantities, we can also apply a print of a company logo or the fire department logo, free of charge. Such printed aiShell cases are also very popular with the people who work for the rescue services, giving them a way to identify with the employer even outside of work time. So, before placing an order, ask your employees if they are interested in a case for their private iPad.

Our solution with the right software for your requirements can be obtained at the following system partners in rescue services: