The TILO™ with PIN Code

The TILO™ with PIN Code

The TILO™ gets a new feature!

To protect your property from unauthorized use, the TILO™ is now available with PIN code.

The idea behind the PIN code is that the TILO™ will be locked if it gets lost.

When activating the PIN code, the user can define the PIN individually with a four-digit code. He also determines how often the device can be switched on before the PIN is requested. This value can be set between 0 and 255. So the user doesn't have to enter the PIN every time he wants to use the TILO but e.g. after 255 starts.                                                                                                          To avoid being surprised by the sudden query, a warning appears beforehand that the PIN will soon be required. The length of this period can also be set. So the user can recall his code before the actual query, for example if he is on a mission or cannot remember the PIN.

But what happens, if a wrong PIN was entered? After entering a wrong PIN or cancelling the PIN entry, the TILO will start, anyway. After entering the correct PIN, the TILO will be switched on as usual and the PIN-counter will be reset. Only if the code had been entered incorrectly five times, a message "PIN false, enter PUK" appears indicating that the eight-digit PUK is required. This is factory-set for each model. If the PUK is also entered incorrectly, the TILO™ had been locked and can therefore no longer be used by unauthorised persons. The legitimate user can repeatedly enter the PUK when restarting and switch on the TILO™, which has now been reset to the factory settings, again.

In the case of an honest finder, the TILO™ can be sent to Andres Industries AG, where it is reset to factory settings. We will then contact the known owner of the device. Our contact information will be displayed on the screen.