Jerry-C5 Clip-On Fusionsgerät

Today we would like to introduce you to a device that is especially interesting for owners of night vision devices: The Jerry-C5 from the company iRay is one of the smallest and lightest clip-on fusion devices on the market - and thus fits perfectly into our portfolio. 


Fusion of low light and thermal image

The small thermal imaging fusion attachment can turn your low-light amplifier into a powerful fusion device. This way you have the best of both worlds: The low-light amplifier provides a largely natural, high-resolution image of the environment with a large field of view - and the fusion attachment projects all detectable heat sources into this image.

What is remarkable here is the affordable price. While such attachments cost up to 10,000 euros last year, the device made in China with a resolution of 640 pixels is now available for less than 4,000 euros.



Complete overview - no matter the environmental conditions

Even hunters with outdated low-light amplifiers can be pleased. If they combine their old device with the Jerry-C5, it is possible to detect heat sources such as wild hogs over hundreds of meters, even in the darkest forest. If you then know the approximate location of the hog, you can approach it with the help of the low-light image. The contour mode is particularly helpful here. If this is activated, the heat source is only outlined - so the object that is actually interesting is not superimposed. But of course, there is nothing against using an additional IR laser for better illumination. The Jerry-C5 thermal imaging attachment is also helpful in absolute darkness. In the pure thermal mode, the image is displayed completely via the thermal image information. Depending on the weather-related thermal dynamics, these representations are also sufficiently rich in contrast and clear. The animal is clearly visible here as well.



Our special spring offer

Even though the Jerry-C5 turns even a simple thermal imaging device into a powerful fusion device, of course it doesn't hurt to call one of the best and lightest low-light goggles in the world your own. Therefore we have a special offer until the end of May: Buyers of the binocular low light amplifier DTNVS in "maximum equipment" with GEN3 tubes (FOM 2600), get a Jerry-C5 for free. The DTNVS is particularly suitable for combination with the Jerry-C5. In the lightest version, the duo weighs barely more than 500g.



More information and data on the Jerry-C5 can be found, as always,on the corresponding article page in our store - where you will of course also find our range of residual light amplifiers. If you are interested in the DTNVS/Jerry bundle, just contact our sales department at As always, we will be happy to advise you!