New: 4D Tactical Padding Kit & Wilcox Shroud

Our aim is to offer all-round solutions for our customers. Therefore, we are constantly expanding our product range with new products.

For example, we have added the 4D Tactical Padding Kit for even more helmets to our shop.




It offers an incomparable suspension system for the combat helmet, made of a material that adapts to the unique head shape of its wearer. All pads are covered with a heat- and moisture-transporting NanoTech antimicrobial fabric. It is designed to pull sweat away from the head and cool the wearer through this evaporation system.

All pads are independent of each other for complete customization and compatibility with other head-mounted mission kits. Once attached, the pads adapt to each other and create the feel of a single, soft insert.



The Wilcox Shroud, the mounting system for night vision devices, is now also available from us.





The Wilcox Shroud is one of the most advanced and user-friendly night vision helmet mount systems on the market. The aluminium inner shell remains permanently attached to the helmet, allowing easy attachment and removal of the equipment. The Wilcox Shroud is compatible with all helmets drilled in the standard MARSOC / WARCOM 3-hole pattern.