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TILO-6Z™ und 6Z+™ now available (22.10.2018)

The TILO-6™ is our new flagship in thermal imaging. With its 640×512 pixel sensor resolution and a thermal resolution of <40 mK, no wishes are left unfulfilled. The Z-version, on the other hand, offers a low-cost entry with 60mK thermal resolution.







TILO 3× Magnification lens (10.08.2018)

With the 3× magnification lens you increase the range of your thermal imaging device considerably. The special thing about this lens is that despite the 3× magnification there is no noticeable loss of dynamics. The image remains high in contrast even in unfavourable thermal conditions. Even though this lens can also be used for other thermal imaging devices, it achieves this high image quality only in combination with the TILO series, because only the TILO can cope with such a small lens system, which in turn is due to the high thermal resolution of the sensor. Finally, the magnification lens covers the entire lens surface of the TILO and there is no "light loss" (heat loss).


Software & Hardware Update (25.06.2018)

In the latest TILO-3 we have now implemented the latest software (vers.0.9.04) and hardware updates. We thank all users for their helpful hints. All TILO-3M and Z+ sold from now on have the following new features:

  • Ready for Battery Extension: Possibility to install a larger battery compartment with space for 2xCR123 batteries (7h) or alternatively a rechargeable battery for 6h running time.
  • Distance Estimator
  • Finer colimation setting even in the strong zoom levels.

30mm Adapter (06.06.2018)
With the 30mm camera adapter, our reseller ACTinBlack offers a useful camera adapter with which the TILO can be mounted in front of digital cameras. This way you can take photos directly via the TILO eyepiece optics.
The adapter is compatible with the Nikon COOLPIX A300, so you can send the pictures to your friends via WLAN.
The camera adapter can also be used to mount the TILO thermal imaging goggles in front of other lenses with an outside diameter of 30mm.
However, the mounting in front of target optics as described in the video below is not permitted in Germany, respectively requires a corresponding permit.
Because of its extremely robust design, the TILO can even withstand multiple drops from 1.22m onto concrete, with accelerations of up to 800G acting on the device, the device will certainly not be damaged even during such use. However, we expressly point out that the TILO series was not developed for use as an attachment but as a thermal lamp.