aiShell 10.2 for the new iPad 7th generation




We are the first manufacturer to launch a case for the new iPad 7. In addition to protection against water penetration (IP67), it also offers protection against falls from a height of 1.22m (according to US military standards).

Like our other iPad cases, the new aiShell 10.2 is not just a simple protective cover but part of a system solution. It has many other functions that can be used with suitable accessories. Thus, hand loops, pen holders and shoulder straps can be attached to different places.

What is special about our waterproof aiShell cases, however, is the unique possibility to charge the device with full charging current in the case without having to open the case. For this it is simply plugged into the Car Cradle available as an accessory. Unlike other solutions such as inductive charging, the iPad can even be charged when running at full load. Nevertheless, it can be removed from the Car Cradle in just one second. This is particularly popular with delivery drivers and industrial users who have to switch from stationary to mobile applications several times a day.