Car Cradle Connector with 2A


aiShell™ hardware update recommended

You have purchased a Car Cradle Connector for your aiShell™ in the past. You may have noticed recently that your iPad is charging much slower. The reason for this will probably be the following:

Unfortunately Apple has released an operating system update (iOS 12.0.0) in the meantime. After installation, this means that your device on the Car Cradle no longer charges with the usual 2A charging current, but only with 0.8–1A. This can cause all iPads (except iPad mini) to charge slower than usual. At maximum load, this can cause the iPad to lose battery charge even if it is in the cradle.

We have identified the problem and already found a solution. You can still use your aiShell™ and Car Cradle, but you will need a new Car Cradle Connector, which is available from us. With this you can then charge your iPad again with 2A.

The above problem only occurs with the Car Cradle Connector. The waterproof Charging Connector is not affected in any way.