New on offer: HIKMICRO entry-level device Thunder

We are pleased to introduce an exciting new addition to our product portfolio this week: The Thunder TH35C from HIKMICRO is a versatile thermal attachment for beginners, which is now distributed by us.


Clip-on - with astonishingly high thermal resolution

Many inexpensive entry-level devices are made in China. But what is new is that one of these devices now has a remarkable thermal resolution of <35mK. This results in excellent dynamic thermal images and offers sufficient reserves especially in humid weather, which is known to be problematic for thermal imagers. This dual-use device can be used in front of a scope or as a handheld device - the matching eyepiece with higher magnification is already included.

A Thunder TH35C with separately available attachment eyepiece

Features that inspire

As usual with attachments, the Thunder TH35C can be attached to virtually any riflescope with a suitable Rusan adapter. The appropriate adapter for the most common diameters and the necessary eyepiece can also be obtained from us.

Furthermore, in addition to a 16 gigabyte internal memory, the Thunder also has the option of transferring video data to a smartphone via its own WiFi hotspot. Also, the device can alternatively be positioned on a tripod and thus be used for monitoring terrain sections.

Not just a gimmick, but very useful for the purpose of identifying game is the picture-in-picture feature, which enlarges the center of the image. An integrated rangefinder also helps to achieve cleaner shots in unknown terrain sections, for example as a hunting guest. A jump-free section zoom at all zoom levels (1x, 2x, 4x and 8x) also helps to better track the action.

For holders of a valid hunting license, it is currently legal under the German Waffengesetz to own and use scope-mounted attachments for hunting purposes. In this sense, the Thunder TH35C is fully usable for hunting in Germany, unless other regional restrictions apply.

A device with a future

In terms of legality, however, thermal imaging scopes are a different matter. To date, it is still forbidden to even possess them. But this ban could fall at the beginning of 2022, because according to an initiative of the federal government, hunters would then be allowed to use such thermal imaging scopes. At this point, we also warn against Thunder devices imported from abroad that are already equipped with a reticle. There is a threat of prosecution here.

As a manufacturer of thermal imaging sights for government agencies, we have both the know-how and the authorization to produce such devices. Therefore, we offer all buyers of a Thunder TH35C the option of converting the device into a full-fledged thermal imaging scope at a later date, provided that they have the necessary authorization.

The Thunder TH35C is now available from us for 2,299 euros. Especially hunters who are thinking about upgrading to a full thermal imaging scope in the future should purchase their Thunder TH35C from us.