ePIG-GROUP reviews: DTNVS residual light amplifier and Jerry-C5 fusion device


The gear reviewers of the ePIG-GROUP had the opportunity in the past weeks to take a closer look at two new optronic products, which we have also added to the Andres Industries product range: One is ACT in Black's new DTNVS residual light amplifier platform, and the other is the Jerry-C5 fusion device, which allows residual light amplifiers to be "fused" with thermal imaging capabilities.

In their DTNVS review, the ePIG-GROUP not only discusses the basic features of the lightweight night vision goggles, but also explains the main operating principles of the tubes used in them:




Their review of the Jerry-C5 fusion device, published today, builds on the video above and uses a DTNVS night vision device as an example to show how the small fusion device works in practice, how it is mounted, and what the benefits of this combination are. Also shown are the various thermal imaging modes that the fusion device projects into the residual light amplifier:




Due to the great demand we extend our promo campaign until the end of June: Customers who choose a DTNVS residual light amplifier in maximum configuration will receive the Jerry-C5 from us as an upgrade for free!

The name ePIG stands for "equipment, Preparedness, Intelligence and Guns". On their website and YouTube channel, the two founders Martin Sendlbeck and Stefan Czech regularly review new and classic products from the fields of military equipment, preparedness and firearms. In the past, they also had the opportunity to take a closer look at our TigIR-6Z+. You can see the result of this test in the following video: