Mouth and nose protector/FFP2


We have two types of Respiratory masks:

For pharmacies and doctors in the Berlin area, we offer personal delivery for orders of 500 units or more. This is faster and on the other hand you get the possibility to have a look at the product before unpacking.


1. Disposable medical  mask  (exhalation protection / non-steril)

Protective effect limited:

  • protects other people in the immediate vicinity from possible own infection
  • mainly prevents people from unconsciously touching their face/mouth/nose and thus transmitting germs via their hands


Advantage: Little obstruction of breathing

These masks are available in packages of 50 pieces.



2. Respirator mask without exhalation valve (KN95 corresponds to FFP2)

Protective effect good:
Protects in both directions, as filtering is done in both directions.
However, this leads to a more severe breathing impediment, which makes the mask moist and requires changing it more often.

These masks are available in a package of 40 pieces.




In normal times, the masks are intended as single-use items. We have already been using the OP version for a week and have noticed that a longer application works if the mask is handled carefully. You will find some tips on this below.


Tips for reuse:

  1. The use of disinfectants for reuse is not advisable, especially for FFP2 masks, as the filter effect can be massively reduced.

  2. An effective method is steam sterilisation, which can also be carried out at home with simple means: Place a deep plate in a large cooking pot and pour about 1-2cm of water into the pot. Bring it to the boil and then place your mask(s) in the plate. It should not get wet, but only steamed. Close the lid and cook for 5 minutes. Then remove the mask and let it dry if necessary.

  3. This treatment may cause the elastic components of the mask to age. Then replace the mask if necessary.

  4. If the mask is not being worn, it is best to store and transport it well protected in a zip bag. However, it should remain dry.