Oxygen Self Rescuer

Oxygen Self Rescuer (with chemical stored Oxygen)


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The oxygen self-rescuer is the ultimate in respiratory protection devices. It is suitable for every situation where problems with the surrounding air exist, because it works completely independent of it. So while other systems depend on there being sufficient oxygen in the air and that it only needs to be cleaned of toxins, the Oxygen Self-Rescuer does not require additional oxygen in the surrounding air. Due to its size, it can be carried constantly. Theoretically, it is even conceivable that there is no air for breathing, e.g. Under water. (However, the self-retractor is not designed for use under water, so this would be out of specification).

The simplest, smallest and lightest form of oxygen self-rescuer works with chemically stored oxygen. This is stored in the form of KO2 granulate.

The granulate has two functions:
Firstly, it binds the CO2 of the exhaled air and secondly, it releases oxygen in a reaction with the humidity of the exhaled air. During exhalation, the moist exhaled air flows over the KO2 cartridge and collects in a breathing bag, which fills as a result. The exhaled air is then inhaled again in the same way. It is therefore a so-called pendulum breathing. In order to prevent accidental inhalation of the possibly poisonous ambient air, a nose clip should be worn during use.

The principle is based on the assumption that more oxygen is consumed when breathing more. With increased breathing volume, more humidity arrives at the cartridge and thus more oxygen is released. It can happen that people under stress can have an increased breathing frequency without really consuming more oxygen. As a result, in the long term more oxygen is released than is consumed. This can cause the breathing bag to inflate excessively. The excess air is then automatically released via a valve. Overall, the system is designed to release more oxygen rather than less, so that the bag is always full.

What happens if you have to use the system and exhale before?
The K-SB30 is equipped with a starter cartridge, which generates a sufficient volume of pure oxygen to fill the system.
In contrast to the full face respirator, the self-rescuer has a very minimalistic design. Breathing is therefore done through a short tube with a mouthpiece at the end, as known from snorkeling. A complete mask would unnecessarily increase the dead space and the system would not be as handy. For this reason, the eyes are also protected by an extra pair of goggles, comparable to swimming goggles. They are fog-free for the duration of use.

Heat development:
Both the KO2 and starter cartridges generate considerable heat during operation. This is normal. There are special versions for use in Atex areas where an ignition effect is excluded.


 Order number 230122  230124
 Type designiation K-SB30 K-SB60
 Inhaled airtemperature                   


 Maximum surfacetemperature 200°C 200°C
 Dimensions (mm)


 Weight (kg) 2,2 2,6
Usage time

average walking speed >= 30 min

sitting still >= 120 min

 Effictive usage time
worn: 5 years
stored: 10 years

worn: 5 years
stored: 10 years