aiShell™ Concept

aiShell™ Concept

Solution with system

Our aiShell™ cases are waterproof and impact-resistant. There is no other case system in existence for the Apple iPad series that offers such a comprehensive range of expansion options.

Even in their simplest form, they are ideally suited for most users. Yet the aiShell™ is a solution with a system. With the right accessories, the cases can be adapted to practically any scenario for professional use.

And if that doesn't meet your requirements, we also produce custom versions made from special materials or with special features.

Variants of the aiShell™

Variants of the aiShell™

Among the following aiShell™ variants you will find a suitable case for current Apple iPads. Are you uncertain which aiShell™ is suitable for your iPad? Answers can be found here.

aiShell™ Accessories

aiShell™ Accessories

The aiShell™ system can be expanded considerably with the wide range of accessory options available. Here you will find the right accessory for your needs.

aiShell™ videos

aiShell™ videos

A number of videos give an insight into the functionality and the field of application of the aiShells™.



In the interactive 360° view of a aiShell™ you can take a close look at all sides of the case.

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aiShell mini+

Product no.: 294000

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aiShell™ Air

Product no.: 280001

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aiShell™ 9.7

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can be shipped within 2-3 days

aiShell™ 10.5

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aiShell™ mini

Product no.: 291000

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    (preorder avail.)

aiShell™ 12.9

Product no.: 291100

249.00 *
In stock
can be shipped within 2 - 3 days
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