GoShell™ 10


GoShell™10 is our newest shell case and was developed for the Microsoft Surface Go. It reflects our entire know-how from the development and production of computer cases for more than 20 years. Its waterproofness and impact resistance make it particularly interesting for industrial use. In addition, it can be mounted anywhere as it is fully compatible with the proven RAM mount system. With a special connector, the GoShell™10 remains waterproof while being charged in a car mount. It takes only a few seconds to insert and remove it from the car cradle. This is especially appreciated by suppliers, rescue services and all other professionals where time is of the essence.


From the very beginning we have designed GoShell™10 as a system solution. Therefore it can be fully customized with a wide range of accessories. There is no other enclosure system in the world that offers such possibilities. However, if additional functions are required, we are at your disposal to develop customized solutions.














Here you can find the GoShell™10 product flyer and the instructions for use:

GoShell10_Flyer_Final-1               GoShell_Manual-1




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