Reliable mounting options

With the eight embedded nuts on the back, the aiShell™ case can be fastened directly anywhere. A better alternative, however, is the use of a RAM-202 module. This option allows direct compatibility with the successful RAM Mount system, with which one can mount the aiShell on practically anything, securely and permanently.

If you only want to mount your device for a short time, such as while motorcycling or sailing, then the use of the Quicksnapper is recommended. For professional use, however, the car cradle is the right choice.

With the extensive RAM Mount system on the back of the aiShell™, you can mount the aiShell on practically anything. Please read the Back section beforehand. The RAM Mount system consists of standardized components that can be combined with one another in a variety of ways.

The C ball modules provide you with a particularly robust way to mount the aiShell™ on the mast of a boat or on a windshield, for example. Small and light cases like the aiShell™ mini can also be mounted using the smaller B ball modules.


With the no-drill vehicle mounts you can mount the aiShell™ in a vehicle without having to pre-drill any holes.