The rear panel, an interface for accessory extensions





The eight embedded, integrally-cast nuts (brass) on the back can be used to fasten screws directly to the aiShell™ case.

Also, the embedded nuts near the corners can be used to attach
hand straps and similar accessories.


On the four central embedded nuts, it is possible to fasten the RAM-202 securely to the aiShell™. When fastened this way, the RAM-202 remains permanently fixed to the case. This is useful for theft-protection purposes, but it means that quick removal isn't possible anymore.

With this important accessory (RAM-202) it is possible to make use of practically the entire RAM Mount system for mounting in vehicles, boats or on various objects. More about mounting possibilities can be found here. 


With the Quicksnapper it is possible to detach the aiShell™ from the mount in a matter of seconds without having to undo any screws. The Quicksnapper can also be combined with the RAM-202. Quicksnappers are available for all variants of the aiShell


The Car Cradle is compatible with the RAM-202 as well, or it can also be screwed on directly. The car cradle also offers the option of a charging function. (actual product may differ from photo)


The various hand straps are best fastened to the outer embedded nuts. The hand strap illustrated here (aiShell™ mini hand strap) is screwed on permanently. The alternative type (aiShell™ Air hand strap) can be detached even without tools.

It is even possible to attach two hand straps simultaneously or one hand strap and one shoulder strap. Using the Quicksnapper or the car cradle at the same time is also possible.


It is also possible to fasten the shoulder strap using the embedded nuts. It can be removed without tools.


On the back of the aiShell™ mini there is a holder for the display cover, where it can be safely stored when not in use. Because of the grip recesses the benefits of the ergonomic design are retained. Even with the display cover on the back, it is still possible to use all other accessories on the back at the same time, such as the car cradle.



The rubber feet on the back are screwed to the cast-in nuts, which provides an optimal hold. (Only for aiShell™ Pro 10.5)