Lateral Accessories

The Shell cases can be equipped with side accessories in a total of 7 positions. In addition to a pen holder, a rubber anti-slip protection, an eyelet and a blind plug, the sunshade and the Shell™ hand strap side can also be attached here. When buying a Shell, 2 pen holders, 3 rubber anti-slip protection and 7 dummy plugs are already included in the standard scope of delivery. No tools are required for the installation. On request, special plugs can be developed to fit these 7 positions.



The Sunshade serves closed as a screen protector. When open, it can be used as a sunshade or table stand, as it can be adjusted to any angle. It can also be locked by turning two knobs.

Set of Lateral Accessories

The set of Lateral Accessories includes the follo-wing: 3 Rubber Feet, 2 Pen Holders, 1 Blind Plug, 1 Spring Hook Eyelet and 2 Handstrap Buckles.





Side Handstrap

The new length-adjustable Side Handstrap allows even more ergonomic use of Shell. It can be combined with other lateral accessories


For more information,see catalog p.7