Pen holder / Anti-slip feet

Pen holder / Anti-slip feet


The openings on the pages of aiShell™ 10.5 und aiShell™ 9.7 can be used in various ways:

For example, the rubber anti-slip feet can be attached there. They provide a stable standing position for the iPad, for example when it is leaned against a wall. The feet provide a secure grip on almost any surface, making the device more comfortable to use.

Instead of the anti-slip feet, the pen holders of the aiShell™ can also be inserted, which are intended for the Apple Pencil. The pencil can be easily fixed and removed - it is ideally suited for use with gloves.

If neither the pen holder nor the feet are used, blind plugs can be attached to the openings provided to close the case.


The rubber feet on the back are screwed to the cast-in nuts,
which provides an optimal hold.






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see catalog p.3.



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