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Protection against scratches on the display

Unlike conventional waterproof cases of other manufacturers, the aiShell™ display film also protects against scratches and is unsusceptible to sand, which otherwise tends to work its way through the seals and may even cause leaks over a long period of time. With the aiShell mini it is also possible to attach a hard-plastic display cover. This even protects the display against falls on sharp objects.

Many conventional protective cases – even waterproof kinds – often do without a high-quality protective film to save money. Often, this doesn't present any problems – to start with at least. But in the course of use, problems do often arise:

  1. Even though the glass surface of the iPad is very hard, it can still be scratched by hard objects, such as keys. 

  2. Since the display seal is not bonded, dirt, salt and sand can work their way through the seal over the course of time. This can produce minute channels through which water can finally penetrate after weeks of use. 

The aiShell™ system's protective film for the display prevents all that. The film itself is made of extremely scratch-resistant plastic. If it should ever actually get scratched, it can be replaced. 

The standard aiShell™ comes with a crystal-clear display film. In our opinion it is the best there is to prevent irritating reflections. At the customer’s request, however, we can also equip any case with a matt film. This would be a custom product, however, with a small extra charge.

Furthermore we have the possibility to equip our Shell housings with uv foil in the display window. This is used as standard for the GoShell™.

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If the foils are replaced by the user, the waterproofness of the device is no longer guaranteed.

If you wish to exchange the foil, you can also send us the case.
We will exchange the desired foil for a processing fee of 20 €.
Material costs are not covered.