Charging options

Charging options

For the aiShell system there are a variety of charging options; a simple aiShell for typical user can be turned into a professional industrial iPad. The standard solutions are listed as follows. Please contact us directly if you have special needs.



Using the Apple Lightning Connector

For private users the option of simply charging the iPad inside the case using Apple's standard Lightning cable is usually sufficient. To do this, the supplied waterproof plug is simply opened, and the cable to charge the iPad plugged in. The system is not waterproof during charging operation. The case is only waterproof again after the connector is pulled out and the plug inserted. For charging only once a day this amount of effort is bearable.


Charging - possible even under water!

If it is necessary to charge the iPad while it is enclosed waterproof in the case, the first available option is the Charging Connector. It is screwed to the case, and on one end it has a USB (male) connector, which can be connected to the Apple adapter. Tools are not required.

This is the option that tends to be chosen by sailors who screw on the connector only once a day.

The end of the cable with the USB connector is not waterproof.




Car Cradle Connector

For professional uses there is the car cradle connector. It is permanently screwed waterproof to the case. With this accessory the aiShell™ can be plugged into the following different charging stations and charged there. Once the Car Cradle Connector has been screwed to the aiShell™, the iPad cannot be removed anymore.


Vehicle mount with intgrated charging function

If the aiShell is equipped with the Car Cradle Connector, it can be charged in the Car Cradle. It can be plugged in and unplugged in a matter of seconds. Moreover, there is no need to open the case anymore, so it always stays waterproof. As such, the mount simultaneously acts as charging station. For delivery drivers who need to connect and disconnect the case many times a day, this option is particularly suitable. It is also finding increasing use in emergency vehicles.



Charging multiple devices simultaneously

The aiRack is particularly suitable for professional users who may have hundreds of iPads in use. If the aiShell™ is equipped with the Car Cradle Connector, it can be loaded together with up to 10 others in the aiRack. This makes loading and unloading even faster. Several aiRacks can be accommodated in one server rack.