Jaegerbataillon 23 – TILO-Challange

The 23rd Rifle Battalion in Austria has tested a thermal imaging device with the BADGER Helmet

The professionals of the 23rd Rifle Battalion in Austria have tested a thermal imaging device from Andres Industries and they have written a review. As former Berliners and fans of these boys from Austria, we were obliged to publish this review. For us it is very good reading material. We are not connected to Andres Industries but as our BADER Helmet is put into spotlight, we are solidary with Andres Industries this time. The boys from Austria made a good Job! And now the review:


Small, robust, versatile

TILO-3Z+ from Andres Industries are currently the smallest thermal imaging googles worldwide.

Regardless whether the device is attached to a helmet or a head mount, used as add-on for a weapon / camera or is held in the hand: This small and easy to use thermal imaging device always increases fighting fitness.

We (the career soldier unit of the 23rd Rifle Battalion, 6th Mountain Brigade) could test the strengths and weaknesses of this small beast. We found the latter ones to be basically non-existent.

(Holding the TILO-3Z+ in the palm)

The TILO-3Z+ was predominantly used for scouting at a range of 50 to 250 meters (under the right conditions persons could be spotted up to half a kilometre). An integrated overlay function is useful to better estimate distances: Hunters can compare the image alternatively with the silhouette of an average boar or deer, while for military purposes the silhouette of an average man can be selected. These contours can be scaled for a distance of 10, 20 and 40 meters. Beyond this, the distance must be estimated. After some training this worked rather well.

The only disadvantage of the TILO-3Z+is its range: Who wants to look further and with more details should think about purchasing a TILO-6.

(„Thermal view with the “Red-Hot” filter of the TILO-3 Z+”)

The TILO-3Z+ is especially useful for commanders to coordinate combat: The ability to spot heat sources enables them to recognize and assess changes in the tactical situation. This is possible even in complete darkness, as almost nobody can conceal himself from high-resolution spotting. The TILO-3Z+ is instantly ready for use as it provides a perfect thermal image a few seconds after it has been switched on (The devices we knew before the TILO-3Z+ had a long warm-up time before a picture appeared.).

This small and powerful device is also useful for individual soldiers to secure an area: Military positions (in which solders have remained for some time) and movements can be spotted easily during the day, even in obstacle cluttered areas (such as forests).

If the TILO-3Z+ is not used for thermal imaging it is still beneficial as helmet lamp: 2 powerful LEDs in the visual light spectrum and 1 LED in the infrared (which can be dimmed as needed) shine with up to 160 Lumen (white light). Even though the intensity of the red LED light is max. 24 Lumen, it can be very helpful to navigate in the dark, while not significantly diminishing the night-vision capability developed by the eyes. These LEDs work flawless, even while the thermal imaging is in use.


Due to its low weight and size the TILO-3+ can be combined with a night-vision device without hampering its usage. As the TILO-3+ has its own mount the NVG shroud of the helmet can accommodate another appliance such as night-vision googles. In this case the infrared light on the TILO-3+ can be extremely useful.


Overall the TILO-3+ is an insane device: These small thermal imaging goggles provide you with a lot of options. They are robust, powerful, easy to use, reliable and versatile. This is how we characterize the TILO-3+.

In this review we focused on the performance and usage experience. Therefore, we have refrained from describing the details on how to use the TILO-3+. If you want to know more about the handling of this device, please have a look into the manual.


We would like to use this occasion to thank Andres Industries AG for providing us a TILO-3+ for testing.