TILO-3™ – head light and thermal imaging camera in one

In the past few years, we have already been able to present the smallest thermal imaging device in the world. With the innovative TILO-3™ (Thermal Imaging Light Optic), we have not only developed the smallest thermal imagers in the world with a length of 4cm, but also created the completely new product group of thermal headlights by combining them with a forehead lamp. It is therefore a thermal imager that has all the functions of a tactical helmet/headlight.


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Our dealer ACTinBlack (Luxembourg)
offers a practical camera adapter with
which the TILO can be mounted in front of cameras with an outer lens diameter of 30mm. more



  Model 2018-01-26_TILO-3_M_Oliv_Vorderseite_Klappe-Offen_1000x1000TILO-3M™ 2018-01-26_TILO-3_F_Rot_Vorderseite_Klappe-Offen_1000x1000TILO-3F™ 2018-01-26_TILO-3_Z_Schwarz_Vorderseite_Klappe-Offen_1000x1000TILO3Z™ 2018-01-26_TILO-3_Z_Schwarz_Vorderseite_Klappe-Offen_1000x1000TILO-3Z+™
  Price in € 4998,– 4998,– 2999,– 4998,–
  Ordernumber 380101 380102 380103 380104

  Resolution Microbolometer

320x256 Pixel 60Hz 320x256 Pixel 9Hz 320x256 Pixel 60Hz
  Usergroup military only available for civil user
  Temperature resolution <40mK <60mK <40mK
  Radiometric - yes - -
  Zoom (digital) 0,8x, 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x
  Optical magnification 1x
  Spectralband / Pixel pitch 7,5-13,5μm / 12μm uncooled microbolometer
  Suitable for sun light looking directly into the sun is possible for short periods
  Filter mode White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, Cold Red, Cold Green, Rainbow, Rainbow HC, Iron Bow, Glowbow, Hottest
  Video-Output PAL / NTSC PAL / NTSC n.a. PAL / NTSC
  Display (OLED) Resolution color 873x500 Pixel
  Field of View horizontal 24° / vertical 19°
  Battery thermal only about 3:15h about 3:15h about 3:15h
  Battery light only up to 24h
  Helmet Mount adapter for ballistic helmets optional
  Head Mount Head Mount adapter and head band optional
  Light (three colors) white: (boost:160 ANSI lumes) normal 45 ANSI lumes, red (626nm): 24 ANSI lumes, IR (940nm)
  Flashlight, SOS yes
  Brightness control in 10 steps
  Temperature operating: -20° to +60°C / storage -40° to +80°C
  Water resistance IP 68 IP 65 IP 68
  Shock MIL 810F 516 IV (26 drops from 1,22m / 4ft)
  Material housing: polyamid, cold break resistant,
reinforced with nanotubes; color olive;
cover eyepiece made of crystal sapphire
housing: polyamid, cold break resistant,
reinforced with nanotubes; color red;
cover eyepiece made of crystal sapphire

housing: polyamid, color black; cover
eyepiece made of hardened

housing: polyamid, cold break resistant,
reinforced with nanotubes; color black;
cover eyepiece made of crystal sapphire
  Dimensions length:40mm; width:64mm; hight:67mm (without accessories e.g. eye cup)
  Weight approx. 100g w/o accessories
 Accessories (optional) Eyecup, Shutter Eyecup, Standard Helmet Mount, helmet adaptors, MOLLE-pouch, External Power Supply with cable






Since the ordered product is an export-limited dual-use product,we require, after your order, an end user statement (60Hz or. 9 Hz), which you recieve via mail and a copy of your identity card in advance.




TILO-3™ Quick Start Guide:                                                 TILO-3™ Manual:

TILO_Kurzanleitung_en       TILO-Handbuch_Cover_de

Price TILO-3Z™ (about € 3000,-)

Write us an Email: info@andres-industries.de





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TILO Accessorys

With the TILO you get thermal glasses that can be used in many ways. The extensive range of accessories allows you to expand the possibilities even further. Please note that third party suppliers such as Oberland Arms and ACT TILO offer accessories.

TILO Händler & Partner

Become a dealer or partner of Andres Industries.

TILO 30mm Camera Adaptor

With the 30mm camera adapter, our reseller ACTinBlack offers a useful camera adapter with which the TILO can be mounted in front of digital cameras. This way you can take photos directly via the TILO eyepiece optics.
The adapter is compatible with the Nikon COOLPIX A300, so you can send the pictures to your friends via WLAN.
The camera adapter can also be used to mount the TILO thermal imaging goggles in front of other lenses with an outside diameter of 30mm.
However, the mounting in front of target optics as described in the video below is not permitted in Germany, respectively requires a corresponding permit.
Because of its extremely robust design, the TILO can even withstand multiple drops from 1.22m onto concrete, with accelerations of up to 800G acting on the device, the device will certainly not be damaged even during such use. However, we expressly point out that the TILO series was not developed for use as an attachment but as a thermal lamp.

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New TILO-3Z+™

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TILO 30mm Camera-Adaptor

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