TIMRO-X™ – Thermal Imaging Multi Role Optic

All in One
head-mounted – handheld – weapon-mounted – stationary

The TIMRO-X™ is one of the smallest thermal imaging devices in the world. It can be used as a thermal imaging goggle as well as a thermal imaging aiming device on the weapon. Of course, it can also be used as a hand-held device. Due to its PAL/NTSC output it can also be used as a stationary observation device. Many SEKs in Germany and military special units worldwide take advantage of the TIMRO-X™.





Quick installation:

Even if the TIMRO-X™ is worn as goggles, it only takes seconds to remove it from the helmet and mount it on a STANAG rail (MIL-STD 1913). Thus, a thermal imaging monocular turns into a weapon sight optics with a range of up to 800m (with magnification lens).

  • Different reticles adjustable
  • Zoom up to 8× electronically and 3× optical with magnification lens
  • Settings for up to 8 weapons (also with magnification lens) can be stored




The TIMRO-X™ can also be used as a clip-on in combination with scopes whose magnification can be reduced to 1.5 times.
A combination with different magnification lenses is also possible.


Side installation:

Another possibility to use the TIMRO-X™ in combination with a scope is the use of the side mount. Here, the TIMRO-X™ is mouted next to the scope. This allows both, optics and the thermal imaging device, to be used simultaneously. This makes the use during the day and the identification of targets in both wavelength ranges easier .


Use as thermal imaging goggles:

In term of size and weight, the TIMRO-X™ is one of the smallest thermal imaging devices on the market. This makes the device also suitable for use as thermal imaging goggles.


  • extremely small size and low weight; The TIMRO-X™ is up to 5cm shorter than conventional NVG or thermal imaging goggles and with nearly 230g also much lighter.
  • Large field of view (>38 ° diagonal)
  • The electronic edge reinforcement enables better orientation in the terrain and even in smoke-filled rooms. This special filter even enhances the contrast of objects with low temperature differences and produces a picture similar to that of a residual light amplifier.
  • Can be used on all standard helmets
  • Quick Snap System: Both the attachment to the helmet and the weapon only takes seconds. A modification is not necessary.


Attention the TIMRO-X is only for authorities!


  Order number 241991 241992
640×500 Pixel 60Hz
  Temperatur resolution 40mK
  Zoom (digital) 1×, 2×, 4×, 8× 1,8×; 3,6×; 7,2×; 14,4×
  Optical magnification 1× (standard), 2×, 3×, 4×
with magnification lens
1,8× (standard); 3,6× or 5,4×
with magnification lens
  Spectralband /
  Pixel pitch
7,5 0 –13,5µm / 17µm uncooled microbolometer
  Suitable for sun light looking directly the sun is possible for short periods
  Filter mode White Hot, Black Hot, Booster, Search
  Field of view horizontal 32° / vertical 26° horizontal 18° / vertical 14°
  Battery / boot time 2× CR123 Running time approx. 4,5h / boot time 5s
  Optional laser pointer red (class 1, 2 or 3R) IR (class 3R)
  headmounted Yes, adaptable to all common mounting solutions
  weapon sight  Yes, according to MIL810F; STANAG (for example A.R.M.S), up to 8 weapons can be stored, max. Cal. 50 (on request)
  Corner View —        
  Video Output NTSC or PAL
  Digital compass + / – 2°
  Image and video memory Coming soon: 200 snapshots and 2h video + soundstream
  PIN-Code sechs-stellig (Zyklus einstellbar zwischen 1 und 250)
  Operating / storage
– 30° to +60°C / – 40° to +80°C
  Water resistance IP68 (special version up to IP68 – 20m)
  Shock MIL 810F 516 IV (26 drops from 48 Inch)
  Material housing: aluminium (7075) anodized with ceracote coating; eyepiece: rubber

Without any attachments

Length: 82mm

with A.R.M.S. Mount:

Length: 82mm

Width: 49mm Width: 49mm
Height: 67mm Height: 79mm
  Weight about 252g (including batteries, without accessories)


  • Rubber Eyecup
  • Shutter Eyecup
  • Red Filter


  • Thales / Wilcox / Norotos / SPUHR
  • head- and helmet-mounts
  • NTSC Cinch Cable
  • Transportation case
  • Side Mount
  • 2× magnification
  • 4× magnification lens
  • Weapon mounts
  • External Power Supply with cable

All specifications are subject to change without notice.






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Accessories / Attachments

Accessories / Attachments

In cooperation with our customers, many additional attachments have already been developed in order to continually expand the fuctionality of the TIMRO system. Magnification lenses with up to 3× magnification and shutter eyecups to avoid stray light are just as much part of it as different mounting options for the weapon. Thus, the investment in the basic system can be kept future-proof even afterwards by the subsequent procurement of attachments and accessories.