TISCAM™ – Thermal Imaging Surveillance Camera

The extremely small outdoor thermal imaging camera is particularly easy to conceal for its small size. Barely thicker than a thumb, it delivers images of the highest quality of 320×256 pixels. The standard version has a built-in socket for the connection of a waterproof cable. This cable transmits the video data (PAL or NTSC) and supplies power to the unit.


 Model TISCAM 24™ TISCAM 34™ TISCAM 50™ TISCAM 90™
 Order# 240324 240334 240350 240390
 Resolution Microbolometer

320×256 Pixel, 9 Hz

for authorities 60 Hz-version available

 Temperature sensitivity 60 mK  (special version with 40 mK available)
 Spectralband / Pixel pitch 7.5 µm – 13.5 µm / 12 µm uncooled microbolometer
 Filter mode White Hot
 Field of view horizontal 24° 34° 50° 90°
 Input Voltage 5 V
 Video output PAL (standard), NTSC (possible), USB (special version)
 Polarity / Filters White Hot
 Image / Video storage None
 FFC (Shutter) Flagshutter
 Operating/storage temperature –20 to +60°C /  –40 to +80°C
 Water resistance IP 68
 Maximum headroom 12 Km
 Shock 1,500g @ 0.4 msec
 Material housing: Aluminium (7075) anodized, Lens: Germanium
 Dimensions Length: 60 mm; Width: 24 mm; Height: 29 mm (without any attachments)
 Weight 57.7 g
 Accessories video / power cable customised or standard


Since the ordered product is an export-limited dual-use product, we require, after your order, an end user statement (60Hz or. 9 Hz), which you recieve via mail and a copy of your identity card in advance.




Price TISCAM™: €3.000,-

In small quantities in stock


Write us an Email: info@andres-industries.de


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