NEW – TigIR thermal clip-on in extremely short design –
The shortest and lightest thermal imaging clip-on with 3000m range.


Until now the TIMRO-X was the smallest thermal imaging scope for short distances. Now the TigIR is currently the lightest and shortest clip-on thermal device with 55 mm optics. No other device with such a short overall length of only 111mm achieves a range (standing man) of 3000m. These small dimensions could only be achieved by developing a specially folded ocular optic. This makes it possible to use the device in front of different scopes (3-6x) etc. without loss of quality. Since the entire housing is made of highly robust aluminium and the objective is athermal, the TigIR™ has outstanding precision even under extreme temperature conditions. The housing surface is hard anodized and coated with Cerakote. The TigIR™ can resist even hard impacts in a rough environment, but is not heavier than 500 g/17,6 oz and therefore lighter than any other comparable device.

The TigIR, like all our thermal imaging devices, was developed and is produced in Berlin. We would be pleased to advise you by phone or on site.



TigIR-Z for civilians as Thermal clip-on e.g. hunters TigIR-6M for LE authorities
TigIR-6Z_Front TigIR-6M_Front
Mounting is done via rusan adapter. Compatible with ERATAC system (Picatinny rails)
TigIR-6Z_Spektiv TigIR_HaenelRS8_Detail1
The civilian models can be mounted directly to the scope or target optics via the Rusan adapter. As usual with us: The extremely small design. The TigIR-M can be mounted directly on the Picatinny rail and thus used as an Thermal Clip-on.
TigIR_rote_Rehe TILO-6Z
In night mode, eye-friendly red filters are available. Excellent image quality even at high zoom levels thanks to AI image processing.




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