NEW -TigIR thermal clip-on in extremely short design -
The shortest and lightest thermal imaging clip-on with 3000m range.

Still in this year we present our long expected thermal imaging clip-on the TigIR.
Whereas the TIMRO-X used to be the smallest thermal imaging scope for short distances, the TigIR is now designed for much longer ranges. With its 55mm thermal lens, it has a detection range of 3km at a weight well below 500g. The real special feature, however, is its short overall length of only 111mm, which we were able to achieve with a multiple folded lens. The TigIR was developed like all our thermal imaging devices in Berlin and is also produced here. We would be pleased to advise you.




TigIR-Z for civilians as Thermal clip-on e.g. hunters TigIR-6M for LE authorities
TigIR-6Z_Front TigIR-6M_Front
Mounting is done via rusan adapter. Compatible with ERATEC system (Picatinny rails)
TigIR-6Z_Spektiv TigIR_HaenelRS8_Detail1
The civilian models can be mounted directly to the scope or target optics via the Rusan adapter. As usual with us: The extremely small design. The TigIR-M can be mounted directly on the Picatinny rail and thus used as an Thermal Clip-on.
TigIR_rote_Rehe TILO-6Z
In night mode, eye-friendly red filters are available. Excellent image quality even at high zoom levels thanks to AI image processing.