I am interested in TigIR™, but I do not live in Berlin. Can I have a look at it somewhere?

Unfortunately we have only a few distributors who have an TigIR™ in stock and can show it to interested customers. Therefore the following possibilities exist:

  • We ourselves go to exhibitions all over Europe and present our equipment there. These are often public authority exhibitions to which private users are not admitted.
  • The simplest solution is to order a TigIR™ for a trial. You can return it within 14 days if you do not like it.
  • If you represent a group of interested clients, e.g. a hunting community or similar, we or one of our distributors can also visit you and hold a night vision workshop.
  • Some distributors have the TigIR™ in stock. Maybe there is one near you.
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When will TigIR™ be available again?

We are continuously increasing our production speed. Nevertheless, it is rare that we produce enough devices to sell them from stock. Therefore the most popular TigIR models are usually not available in the store. Therefore we recommend to simply write us a message and pre-order one TigIR™. You will then receive a device directly from the current production. You will also get the exact delivery time. At the moment this is 6 months.

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Is it possible to upgrade to another model of TigIR™ with the Upgrade Service?

So if I have the TigIR-3Z™, can I upgrade it to TigIR-6Z+™?

Unfortunately this is not possible. For an upgrade at least the thermal image sensor must remain the same. But since the 3Z has a 320×256 pixel sensor and the 6Z+ has a 640×512 pixel sensor, a new purchase is necessary for such a big step. So an upgrade only includes software and hardware adjustments to get up to date within the model.

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I would like to buy this product as a private person. Is that possible?

Correct. Within the following states the TigIR-3Z and the TigIR-6Z+™ can be purchased for free, as long as they are used for civil purposes. This has to be marked accordingly in the EUC. Within the states mentioned below the TILO may also be resold. However, the corresponding buyer should fulfill the same conditions in his own interest.

List of countries: EU, USA, Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Liechtenstein

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Why is the image so small when looking directly at it and cannot be enlarged?

The TigIR-Z™ has been designed as an attachment. Only with a 3x magnification, e.g. with the help of an insertion eyepiece, a 1 to 1 image is created.

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What is the clamping screw for?

The TigIR-Z™ is fully compatible with the universal Rusan system ARM52 / AD540. Here there is a suitable adapter for practically every lens outer diameter of your camera or spotting scope (30mm-80mm). The application is very easy: the adapter is simply screwed onto the eyepiece-side thread of the TigIR™ and fixed there in the optimal position by unscrewing the clamping screw. The other side of the adapter is then pushed e.g. onto a spotting scope and locked with the lever. Once this has been done, collimation can also be performed, but this is rarely necessary since the TigIR-Z™ is already pre-collimated at the factory.

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Can I mount the device on a tripod?

Yes, the TigIR-Z™ can be mounted on any standard camera tripod.

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Is it possible to transfer and save a live image to a monitor?

Yes, with the video recorder you can take photos or videos and transfer them to a mobile device (cell phone or tablet) using an app.

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What can I do if the rubber cord of the flap is damaged?

You can easily order a replacement flap including pre-assembled hinges in our store.

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Is it possible to switch off the TigIR™ if the flap is broken?

The device can be switched on or off manually by pressing and holding button 4.

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