ELCAN Specter



The ELCAN Specter in its various designs is one of the most successful tactical target optics. Its main users are certainly public authorities, but more and more civilian users are enjoying the advantages of this outstanding optical system which, however, also comes at a reasonable price.
Please note that the models offered by us are always new devices of the current type. Various other suppliers offer discounted units of the old model series.

The advantages are as follows:

  • very short design
  • very bright aiming point, therefore good as an alternative for a reflex sight usable
  • wide field of vision
  • extremely robust
  • in combination with the TILO™, the ELCAN 1x/4x forms the shortest thermal imaging attachment combination ever


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ELCAN Specter 1x/4x ELCAN Specter 1.5x/6x





Armed forces around the world use the ELCAN Specter on a wide variety of weapon platforms. But how about an additional night combat function? We at Andres Industries have taken on the "success story" of the Specter and found a simple and reliable solution to turn this target optic into a thermal rifle scope in no time: With the TILO-ELCAN adapter. 


TILO-6M™ as a Clip-on sight for ELCAN Specter
With the 40mm adapter, users can mount any current TILO™ in front of spotting scopes, cameras or even the ELCAN. Civilian users can now also purchase the adapter, but are only allowed to use it for hunting abroad or with the appropriate permission on the ELCAN Specter 1x/4x. using the TILO on the larger Specter 1.5x/6x is not possible. For this you can use the TigIR™.                                                    







TILO-6M with clip-on sight and ELCAN Specter

With the 3x Clip-on sight the range can be increased again considerably, it is going up to 2.5km (standing man). Like the TILO™ itself, it can be removed within seconds.

Let us advise you and ask for bundling conditions, should you decide to buy an ELCAN together with one of our thermal imaging devices.



TigIR as thermal imaging clip-on sight in front of ELCAN Specter

In order to achieve particularly high ranges, our TigIR™ can be mounted as an attachment in front of any ELCAN Specter. The TigIR is one of the longest range thermal imaging clip-on sights and to this day also the shortest and lightest with this range. This makes the TigIR particularly suitable for use on MGs and other weapons that only have a short mounting rail.      












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