ClipIR – Thermal Imaging System for night vision equipment

Turning your image insentifier into a fusion night vision device
Fusion is the new standard for night operations. Certain tactical challenges can only be mastered with the combination of the two leading night vision principles, image intensifying and thermal imaging. Extending the performance and functionality of already existing image intensifiers amplifiers by the ClipIR reduces the acquisition costs of new devices to a minimum. Modern scenarios have requirements which are far above the possibilities of image intensifiers amplifiers. For instance the use in complete darkness, smoke, fog and dense forest requires the unconditional use of thermal imaging technology.


ClipIR - The field-tested standard for clip-on thermal imaging devices
ClipIR with the patented shutterless XTI technology is the first thermal imaging device capable of producing a real-time fusion image with a 40° viewing angle. With a weight of only 150 g and 11.5 cm in length, the ClipIR is a compact and available solution for making already existing image intensifiers into fusion devices and thus maximizing the possibilities the operator‘s capabilities of detection and identification.







Video on how the ClipIR works


Since the ordered product is an export-limited product, we require, after your order, an end user statement, which you recieve via mail and a copy of your identity card in advance. ClipIR is not for sale or use in USA.