Friends for Friends


Friends for Friends

You have bought something and are satisfied? Then recommend it to your friends and comrades. Give them your coupon code. If he orders under indication of the number printed on this coupon, the following will happen:

  1. He receives a 5% discount on his purchase of a TILO. For ballistic products it is 10%.
  2. You will receive a 5% or 10% credit note, which you can either withdraw or use to buy accessories.

You no longer have Friends for Friends vouchers? No problem, you can order new one at any time. Just send an email to and we will send you new ones. The Friends for Friends campaign also works without the voucher. The printed voucher code is already sufficient to take part in the promotion. The voucher code is the same as the invoice number you received when you purchased your product. It is also enough to give this number to your friend.

You can also download the voucher as a PDF-file and print it out yourself at any time by clicking on the following link.

Dealers are excluded from this promotion. It can also not be combined with other discounts.

TILO™ party
Whether you already have a TILO™ or are only interested in it, we will gladly provide you with a set of equipment and visit you in your premises. The prerequisite is that you invite at least 5 other interested persons to your "party". On this occasion you can put our products to the acid test and ask us everything you always wanted to know about night vision technology. On request, we, or one of our partners, will also bring some residual light amplifiers from our portfolio for comparison.

TILO™ Challenge - TILO™ Test 3 months for free!!
We want you to intensively test the TILO™ for 3 months in use! Which other manufacturer would do that with a device for 5000 Euro? More info