thermal clip-on in extremely short design –
The shortest and lightest thermal imaging clip-on with 3000m range.


Until now the TIMRO-X was the smallest thermal imaging scope for short distances. Now the TigIR™ is currently the lightest and shortest clip-on thermal device with 55 mm optics. No other device with such a short overall length of only 111mm achieves a range (standing man) of 3000m. These small dimensions could only be achieved by developing a specially folded ocular optic. This makes it possible to use the device in front of different scopes (3-6x) etc. without loss of quality. Since the entire housing is made of highly robust aluminium and the objective is athermal, the TigIR™ has outstanding precision even under extreme temperature conditions. The housing surface is hard anodized and coated with Cerakote. The TigIR™ can resist even hard impacts in a rough environment, but is not heavier than 500 g/17,6 oz and therefore lighter than any other comparable device.

The TigIR™ was developed and is produced in Berlin, like all our thermal imaging devices. We would be pleased to advise you by phone or on site.



TigIR-Z™ for civilians as thermal clip-on e.g. hunters TigIR-6M™ for LE authorities
TigIR_6Z 00472







Order number




User group


military only

Temperature resolution

40mk (as special version also with 60mK)

60mK (as special version also with 40mK)

40mk (as special version also with 60mK)

Resolution microbolometer

640×512 (60Hz)

320×256 (60Hz)

640×512 (60Hz)

Zoom (digital)

0,8x, 1x, 2x, 4x, 6x 

1,6x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 11x

0,8x, 1x, 2x, 4x, 6x 

Focal length


Spectrum / Pixel pitch

7,5–13,5 μm / 12 μm uncooled microbolometer

FFC (calibration modes)

internal mechanical shutter (can be deactivated) + software calibration (NUC) + manual calibration via front flap



Filter mode

(Boost) White Hot, (Boost) Black Hot, (Boost) Red Hot, (Boost) Cold Red, (Boost) Cold Green, Rainbow, Rainbow HC, Iron Bow, Glowbow, Hottest

Video Output


Display resolution

(Micro-) OLED 873×500 Pixel

FOV (at 100m)

horizontal 8° / vertical 6,4°
(14,0m / 11,2m)

horizontal 4°/ vertical 3,2°
(7,0m / 5,6m)

horizontal 8° / vertical 6,4°
(14,0m / 11,2m)
Angle resolution

0,0125° / 0,75' / 45"

corresponds to 2,18 cm/px at 100m

Use as a clip-on device

for optics with an own magnification between 3-6×

Battery operating time 4×CR123

about 10:30h

about 15h

about 10:30h

2x16650 rechargeable


about 8h

about 13h

about 9h


operating: –20 °C to +60 °C

storage: –40 °C to +80 °C

Water resistance

IP 68

Shock resistance

MIL 810F 516 IV (26 drops out of 1,22m/4ft) 


Aircraft grade aluminum (hard anodized and scratch-resistant ceramic-coated)

EMC interference emission with connected TigIR cable: EN61000-6-4:2019
EMC interference emission without connected TigIR cable: EN61000-6-3:2007+A1:2011
ESD resistance: EN61000-4-2 Level 4 (8kV contact discharge)


(without mounts)

length: 111mm (4,37");
width: 78mm (3,07"); height: 80mm (3,15")


(without mounts / battery)

ca. 491g / 17,3 oz

Mounting options

1/4“-20 UNC tripod thread, M52x0.75


camera adapter, 3x plug-in eyepiece, video & power supply cable



Availability: By continuously expanding our production capacities we try to satisfy the increasing order volume. Therefore the current delivery time is only 2 months.


Since the ordered product is an export-limited product, we require, after your order, an end user statement, which you recieve via mail and a copy of your identity card in advance.





TigIR™ Quick Start Guide

collimation instructions
Defence_en TigIR_Handbuch-1 Kurzanleitung_ordentlich_en_0.2-1PNG 23042020_Kollimation_TigIRM-V11-EN



TigIR-Z™ - perfect for civil users and hunters

TigIR-Z™ - perfect for civil users and hunters

The TigIR-6Z+™ with 640x512 pixels is currently the most powerful thermal imaging device in the civil sector. Since the TigIR-Z™ has an interface to the popular Rusan system, the device can be mounted directly in front of various optics. Due to its low weight and its extremely short length of only 11cm, the effect of leverage on the optics is low compared to other thermal imaging devices, which significantly improves the precision. The TigIR-3Z™ is an affordable entry-level-version, which has a smaller viewing angle but the same high coverage range of 3km.

TigIR-M™ - the military version for all authorities and police customers

TigIR-M™ - the military version for all authorities and police customers

The TigIR-6M™ manufactured in Germany is currently the shortest Clip-on thermal with 55mm optics. The device is ideally suited for use in combination with 3-6x magnifying scopes. The extremely short design of only 111mm permits a mounting on machine guns, where due to the design there is only little space available for an attachment. In combination with certain scopes, such as the ELCAN Specter, the device protrudes only 10cm beyond the optics. The robust aluminum housing offers good protection against drops and ensures consistently high precision even at different environmental temperatures.

Comparison Table

Comparison Table

Which TigIR™ is the right one?



Here you will find the answers to common questions about TigIR™.
If you have any further questions, we will be happy to advise you by phone and e-mail before you decide to purchase a TigIR™.

TigIR™ videos

TigIR™ videos

All interesting reviews and explanatory videos about TigIR™ can be found here.



You have lost the manual of your TigIR™ or just want to see how easy it is to operate the TigIR™ in detail. Just take a look at the TigIR™ user manual or download the current PDF catalogue of all Defence products.

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