TigIR-M™ - the military version for all authorities and police customers

The TigIR-6M™ manufactured in Germany is currently the shortest Clip-on thermal with 55mm optics. The device is ideally suited for use in combination with 3-6x magnifying scopes. The extremely short design of only 111mm permits a mounting on machine guns, where due to the design there is only little space available for an attachment. In combination with certain scopes, such as the ELCAN Specter, the device protrudes only 10cm beyond the optics. The robust aluminum housing offers good protection against drops and ensures consistently high precision even at different environmental temperatures.




Compatible with ERATAC system (Picatinny rails)


As usual with us: The extremely small design. The TigIR-M can be mounted directly on the Picatinny rail and thus used as a thermal clip-on.


Excellent image quality even at high zoom levels thanks to AI image processing.







Orders are collected by email.

The collimation instructions for the military and governmental use of the TigIR-6M™ can be found here.



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