TigIR-Z™ - perfect for civil users and hunters


The TigIR-6Z+™ is currently the lightest and shortest Clip-on Thermal with 55mm optics. No other device with such a short overall length of only 111mm achieves a range of 3000m (standing person). These small dimensions could only be achieved by developing a specially folded ocular optic. This makes it possible to use the device in front of different scopes (3-6x) etc. without loss of quality. Since the entire housing is made of highly robust aluminium and the objective lens is athermal, the TigIR-6Z+™ has outstanding precision even under extreme temperature conditions. The housing surface is hard anodized and coated with Cerakote. The TigIR-6Z+™ can resist even hard impacts in a rough environment, but is not much heavier than 500g/17,6oz and therefore lighter than any other comparable device. The TigIR-3Z™ is an affordable entry-level-version, which has a smaller viewing angle but the same high coverage range of 3km.














In night mode, eye-friendly red filters are available.




Connection optionsTigIR-6Z_Spektiv_v3




  1. The civilian models can be mounted directly to the scope or target optics via the Rusan adapter.
  2. Although the TigIR™ was actually developed as a clip-on for cameras and spotting scopes, it can also be used
    as a handheld device with the 90g light magnifier eyepiece. This setup achieves a magnification ratio of 1:1.
    The insert eyepiece is also adjustable from +3 to -3 diopters. With the digital zoom, magnifications of
    6x, 12x and 18x can be achieved. Due to the AI image editing, the image rarely „pixels“ even at a high
    digital magnification.







TigIR™ Quick Start Guide

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