No-drill vehicle mounts

The suction cup holders listed under the B- and C-Ball modules are simple and practical, but they often have the disadvantage of having to be attached to the windscreen, which obstructs the view to the outside.

This is where the No-Drill mountings come in. They allow the Shell™ to be mounted elsewhere.


Overview of No-Drill mounts

To provide you with an overview, here is a small excerpt of available options. These can be expanded considerably.


With the no-drill mounts, you can use the Shell™ system in the vehicle without having to drill holes in it. This is particularly advantageous when using leasing or rental vehicles. But for safety reasons, it is often not possible to drill additional holes in sports aircraft or the like.

In the case of the brackets shown, the passenger seat is used for fastening. As a rule, a screw connection on the side to the centre console is sufficient. The passenger seat screw is loosened and the corresponding No-Drill bracket is screwed in between. Two or three fixed points can also be used for particularly stable requirements.




The shown brackets already offer a comprehensive package of application possibilities, but these can also be considerably extended, e.g. by swivel arms. This makes it even easier to work during breaks. Of course we will be happy to advise you on this as well.

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