Investor Relations

Investor Relations

For several years, we have been developing thermal imaging equipment for military and police units. With the TIMRO-X, we were the first to combine a thermal imaging goggle with the function of a full thermal imaging sight. This product enjoys increasing popularity not only in Germany. Due to the global political situation, more and more Western units are going to rely on such compact, multifunctional and thus economically viable solutions as the TIMRO-X throughout Europe.

In March 2017, we were able to present at the IWA and the EnforceTac the latest product of our development efforts. The TILO-3 is currently the smallest thermal imaging camera in the world. It also fulfills the function of a head lamp. The success was not surprising for us, but still "stunning". We already have many pre-orders from Germany and abroad. Now the decision pays off to develop this device not only for special units, but also to bring a civilian version to the market, which remains affordable with € 2500, - also for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

In the background, of course, we are already working on some other products that also offer the potential for a paradigm shift. Of course, I can give at this point no details price. But here too, only the early bird catches the worm. With our know-how, we have the opportunity to supply a wide range of applications with the latest thermal imaging technology with a moderate development effort. Our short development cycles allow us to react quickly to new customer requirements. We intend to expand this lead over the next few years. As a result, we will not pay dividends on company profits, but will also invest them in the development of new products and the financing of large orders over the next few years. In order to further increase the equity base, we will sell approximately 5,000 shares still in the company to investors this year (2017).

If you want to be part of this interesting security policy, we would be delighted to welcome you as an investor.

Dr. Björn Andres

(CEO of Andres Industries AG)

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