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The AD-BP tacX2, with its modularized and improved protection, makes it possible to go from an open style, like the AD-BP tacX model, to a full protection model via attaching different modules.

Protection modules: Upper arm, neck, collar, groin.

In addition, the cummerbund has two side pockets for additional protective panels. Chest and back are also equipped with one ESAPI pocket each for additional protection plates (protection plates not included). Suitable for standard shooter's cut plates. Front, back and cummerbund are with MOLLE system.

Optimized distribution distributes the weight of the vest from the shoulders, to the waist and hips, making it easier to wear and giving the user a feeling of lighter load.
Adjustable shoulder straps for optimal fit.
Comfortable ventilation system and antimicrobial protection with breathable fabric.

The AD-BP tacX2 has a protection rating of NIJ level IIIA, providing excellent protection from soft-core bullet handguns. Can be upgraded to NIJ level III/IV with additional panels.


Designation: AD-BP tacX2
Order number: 230061
Material: Aramid UD fiber/aramid fabric
Size run: Unisex
Weight (kg): 3.3 (without modules); 5.65 (with modules)

Size specifications:

S = 170~175 cm
M = 175~180 cm
L = 180 cm (narrow)
XL = 180 cm (normal)
XXL = 185 cm
XXXL = 190 cm 

Since this is an export restricted product, we require a copy of your ID card after you place your order, as well as an end user declaration, which you will receive by mail.







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