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Due to export restrictions, shipping to Switzerland is not possible.

Our ceramic plates achieve protection classes up to VPAM 10. Ceramic plates are somewhat thicker compared to steel plates and must be handled more carefully.

All protection plates are offered in the standard cut Shooter's-Cut / SAPI single curved. This means that they fit into all standard plate carriers or SK1 vests with a corresponding insertion compartment. Upon special customer request, all plates can also be manufactured in a special cut. However, this is usually only worthwhile for larger quantities.

Stand-alone protective plate (SA)
Stand-alone plates can be used without soft ballistics. They are placed in a simple plate carrier. This can then be thrown over quickly and easily if required, and immediately provides complete protection against the corresponding fire. This concept is particularly useful for emergency forces and private users who do not already wear an SK1 protective vest on a daily basis.
Because of this dual function, SA plates are always slightly heavier and somewhat more expensive for the same protective effect.

This plate was produced especially for private users and is therefore also available for them.

Designation: OPS-AL03
Order number: 230110
Material: Ceramic+PE
Protection class: NIJ Level-IV
Dimensions (mm): 300×250×22,5
Weight (kg): 2,73

Since this is an export restricted product, we require a copy of your ID card, as well as an end-user declaration, which you will receive by mail, after you have placed your order.



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