Oxygen Self Rescuer K-SB60

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The oxygen self-rescuer offered here, was originally developed for use in the mining industry and therefore satisfies high demands for reliability and robustness. It is located in a stable casing and can therefore be carried along every day. Furthermore it is CE (EN 3794:2002 - Annex A) certified. The K-SB60 is also equipped with a starter, so that even when exhaled, it can be used safely regardless of the surrounding air.

The K-SB60 has a new total lifetime of ten years when stored. This is reduced to five years if it is carried continuously.

In any case, the operational readiness can and should be checked daily. For this purpose it is equipped with a window on its top side. If the indicator paper it contains is brown, everything is fine. If it is white, the unit must be replaced.

The oxygen self-rescuer should always be worn on the user's body so that it is immediately ready to hand in an emergency. For this purpose it is equipped with two robust metal loops. These can be attached to a standard work belt up to 45 mm wide.




Order number


Typ designation


Inhaled air-temperature


Maximum surface-temperature


Dimensions (mm)


Weight (kg)


Usage time

average runtime:

in motion>= 60 min

Usage time sitting still

>= 180 min

Effective usage time


5 years

in storage:

10 years




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