Exercise Device K-SBT60

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The self-rescuer K-SBT60 comes with an English manual. Every user should be instructed in the use of the device and train its use as often as necessary until all handles function safely even under stress. This usually requires at least two passes.

We offer our customers an exercise device to carry out the necessary training, because after one single use the self-rescuer cannot be used in the field anymore. This training device can be rented for two weeks for a rental fee of 50,- Euro and must be returned to us afterwards. If 10 or more oxygen self-rescuers are purchased, the rental of the exercise equipment is free of charge.


Type Training Device K-SBT60
Respiration Temp. max. <=50°C
Max surface temperatur in use 130°C
Dimensions (mm) 178×172×122
Weight (kg) 1.8 (in transport packaging)
1 (in use)
Breathing time none
Effective operating time only for exercise use, not for emergency use

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