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The modern FAST helmet is open in the side area and of course has the practical banding which made the product famous.

Our ballistic helmets are NIJ Level IIIA certified to withstand fire up to .44 Magnum caliber. Regarding trauma depth, please note that these are fragmentation helmets.
They are complete with VAS shroud and side rails for accessory attachment.

Andres Industries is authorized to sell these helmets to civilian users. Civilian users are authorized to use these hard hats unless certain laws explicitly prohibit their use (e.g., assembly prohibition).

Please note that these are military helmets. These are export restricted!


Designation: FAST helmet
Order number: 230210 (M/L), 230211 (L/XL)
Material: Kevlar composite
Protection class: NIJ IIIA 9mm & .44 Mag
FAST inside helmet incl.
incl. VAS-Shroud
incl. side rails
incl. Velcro flap
Weight: approx. 1600g (without attachments)




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