Product no.: 293009

Magnetic feet

For a better handling of our Shell™ housings we have developed a set of 4 magnetic feet. These are mounted on the back of the case instead of the rubber feet. They are strong enough to securely mount the Shell™ on ferromagnetic surfaces. Unlike standard magnets, our solution is protected with a foil against water penetration and damage to the magnet surface. It also reduces the slipping of the Shell™ on the metal surface.

Users of the magnetic feet can attach the Shell™ anywhere on the metal body at any time and thus have all instructions and test reports at hand, for example. You too can take advantage of this option.

Suitable for all Shell™ cases.


  • Please note that in rare cases the strong neodymium magnets could interfere with the internal magnetic field sensors of your tablet.
  • When ordering, please indicate under "Order and delivery comments:" for which Shell™ the magnetic feet are required.
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Product no.: 290071

Spare part Kit for aiShell 9.7, 10, 11 and 12.9™

  • 2× Rubber feet
  • 2× Pen-Holder
  • 8× Blind-Plugs
  • 4× Screwable rubber feet + screws
  • 1× standing foot
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