Charging multiple iPads simultaneously

The aiRack is particularly suitable for professional users who may have hundreds of iPads in use. If the aiShell™ is equipped with the Car Cradle Connector, it can be loaded together with up to 10 others in the aiRack. This makes loading and unloading even faster. Several aiRacks can be accommodated in one server rack.

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Product no.: 291076

aiShell™ Car Cradle Connector

The Docking Connector has no cable so two gold-plated contact surfaces and is very robust. The connector is fixed directly to the aiShell™ by means of screws and can only be used in conjunction with the aiShell™ Car-Cradle or the aiRack.

  • for aiShell ™ Car Cradle
  • 2A charging current
  • compatible for all aiShell 9.7 / Air and 10 cases
  • Material: plastic
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