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Charging multiple iPads simultaneously

For professional users who have to charge multiple iPads simultaneously, ergonomics and reliability are both particularly important. Usually, opening the aiShell™ case every day for charging is time consuming and always carries with it a risk of damage.

The aiRack provides a remedy here. Each aiShell™ is equipped in advance with a Car Cradle Connector (not included). This closes the housing securely against water ingress and is also compatible with the Car Cradle.

For loading, the aiShell™ is now simply plugged from above into a free element of the aiRack. The connection is made automatically by spring contacts. The charging current per aiShell™ is at least 2A.

An aiRack-10 consists of 10 aiRack elements. Thus up to 10 iPads can be charged simultaneously in one aiRack. Equipped with rubber feet, the aiRack-10 can be placed on a table, for example.
It is equally suitable for the:

Multirack solution in the server cabinet

Since the aiRack-10 is based on a 19" rack, it can also be installed in standard server cabinets. Even drawer solutions are conceivable. Up to 100 iPads can be charged simultaneously in large server cabinets.

Special designs

The aiRack elements can be freely combined, so less than 10 elements can be integrated in a 19" rack. Individual elements can also be used as table charging stations.


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