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Special features TILO-3Z+



The TILO-3™ is the smallest thermal imaging goggles in the world. It also functions as a headlamp. The TILO-3Z+™ is the improved version of the TILO-3Z™. It has a particularly high thermal resolution of <40mK and thus delivers even higher-contrast images even under poor ambient conditions. Such high quality can often only be found in the much larger cooled thermal imaging devices.

The professional version of the TILO-3Z™ also has a much higher frame rate of 60Hz. This means that the image is much more stable and there is almost no delay between sensor and screen display.


Technical specifications:

  • 320×256 pixel 60Hz Sensor resolution microbolometer
  • <40mK temperature resolution
  • Application: –30° to +60°C / Storage –40° to +80°C
  • Water protection: IP68
  • Impact protection: MIL 810F 516 IV (26 falls from 1.22m)
  • Video Output: PAL/NTSC
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 40mm
    • Width: 64mm
    • Height: 67mm
  • Weight: approx. 100g without accessories
  • Screen resolution: 873×500 pixels
  • Materials:
    • Case: Polyamide, cold fracture resistant reinforced with nanotubes
    • sapphire crystal eyepiece cover
    • color: black

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Scope of delivery: TILO-3Z+™, eyecup, CR123 battery, cleaning cloth, small hand strap, waterproof carrying case, quick start guide, manual


Since the ordered product is an export-limited military product, we require, after your order, an end user statement, which you recieve via mail and a copy of your identity card in advance.







TILO Manual:    


TILO™ Quick Start Guide:                                            



Product Note Status Price
FAST helmet FAST helmet
MICH helmet MICH helmet
1,392.00 € *
Eyecup Eyecup
38.02 € *

Product data sheet

Shutter Eyecup Shutter Eyecup
139.39 € *

Product data sheet

TILO-Headband incl. Adapter TILO-Headband incl. Adapter
76.03 € *

Product data sheet

28.27 € *
External power supply External power supply
126.72 € *
TILO Power-Cable for TILO-3/6 TILO Power-Cable for TILO-3/6
80.91 € *
TILO Battery Extension TILO Battery Extension
58.49 € *
Tripod Adapter Tripod Adapter
56.54 € *
Helmet adapter Helmet adapter
76.03 € *

Product data sheet

TILO 3 replacement flap TILO 3 replacement flap
14.62 € *

Product data sheet

TILO Battery closure including strup and screw TILO Battery closure including strup and screw
33.14 € *

Product data sheet

Recheargable Battery 16650 Recheargable Battery 16650
29.24 € *
Battery Charger 16650 Battery Charger 16650
29.24 € *
Lithium CR123 Battery Lithium CR123 Battery
2.88 € *
TILO afocal lens 3× TILO afocal lens 3×
2,436.00 € *
TILO-Video and power cable TILO-Video and power cable
80.91 € *
TILO-Videocable TILO-Videocable
80.91 € *
TILO-Videorecorder TILO-Videorecorder
174.00 € *
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