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With the TILO Rusan adapter from Andres Industries, the Rusan adapter can be connected to the TILO. With the Rusan adapter it is possible to connect retrospective optics e.g. with spotting scopes.

We expressly point out that the adapter is not to be used in Germany for connecting night vision clip-on devices with riflescopes.
Please consider the respective laws of your country.




The TILO is used here as an image example and are not part of the delivery.


The special feature of the solution with the TILO is the bayonet connection which can still be used in combination with the Rusan system. Thus the TILO can be removed or attached within seconds. A time-consuming unscrewing is not necessary and it is always in the same position.

With this practical solution it is now possible to mount all TILO models in front of practically all cylindrical tubes. However, the following must be observed:

  • This is a mechanical mounting solution, so every user should check in advance whether the camera or spotting scope optics are also optically compatible with the TILO. Since the TILO was developed as single magnification spectacles, it delivers the best results with optics that also have the lowest possible magnification.
  •  Before installing the TILO in front of a telescopic sight, the legal situation must be clarified, as the TILO may then become a target device. These are prohibited in Germany and some other countries.






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