Präzise jagen Clamping sleeve

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Präzise Jagen Clamping sleeve

This clamping sleeve is designed for mounting on the riflescope.

It is slid over a length of 45 mm (or 35 mm for the 30 and 34 mm diameter) over the objective of the riflescope and screwed there. It remains permanently on the riflescope.
A protective film is applied to the contact surfaces of the clamping sleeve to the objective of the riflescope, which prevents damage to the riflescope and increases the adhesion to the riflescope.
This prevents the clamping sleeve and thus also the attachment from being pulled off the riflescope, even with strong calibers. A special inner contour (three-point support on the riflescope) ensures precise alignment of the attachment to the riflescope. The bayonet on the face of the clamping sleeve is the basis for absolutely repeatable alignment of an attachment each time it is reattached.   

This clamping sleeve is made of one piece of high-quality aluminum and is protected against corrosion and wear by a hard anodized coating.  

We expressly point out that an attachment may only be mounted on the gun if permitted by the legislation of the respective country. The mounting is at your own risk.


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