Raffle - Hanna Selena gives away TILO-6Z+

In the upcoming weeks the well known huntress and Instagram blogger Hanna Selena will intensly put the TILO-6Z+ to the test in real life use. The device is set for some heavy duty stress that exceed the boundaries of our warranties by far - drops, cuts with a box cutter, immersion in water and much more included. Naturally, she will adress the extensive range of modes of use - be it as goggles or a thermal clip-on. The testing phase will be concluded in july when Hanna Selena will give away the device to one of her followers in a raffle.



Hanna Selena

"Huntress, German armed forces reservist, sports markswoman, a master's degree in her pocket and started another course of study – a full program. Yet Hanna Selena has the time on Instagram to look after a positive image for sports shooting, hunting and the German military." - all4shooters.com


We are certain the smallest thermal goggle in the world developed and produced by us in Berlin will endure even the toughest challenges. Our TILOs have been succesfully deployed by hunters, police and militaries for years. No chance of compromise in performance. The device might end up with the occasional scratch on the surface, however. Nevertheless, we will grant 2 years of full warranty to every new owner even after this intense testing. 




We cannot imagine a better way of promoting our product and wish Hanna Selena and her audience a good time testing the device. Of course, those who cannot wait until the end of the raffle can order their TILO-6Z+ from our shop.